Adjustable thermostatic mixing valve

The adjustable thermostatic mixing valve is an indispensable safety device for hot water storage tanks and free-standing water cylinders that keeps the user safe from burning.

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The adjustable thermostatic mixing valve is installed on hot water storage tanks for hot sanitary water in order to regulate the hot water temperature for the comfort and safety of the end users. This valve automatically mixes the hot water coming from the hot water storage tank with cold water from the main, bringing it to the desired temperature, no matter what the supply conditions are (pressure, temperature or required flow rate). The anti-burn safety device automatically cuts down the hot water supply in case there is no pressure on the cold water connection and eliminates the risk of burning. Also in case the hot water supply should be interrupted unexpectedly, the device will block also the cold water supply in order to avoid any unpleasant thermic shocks.

Temperature range - +30°C - +65°C

1/2" size is with female threaded connection

3/4" and 1" size is with male threaded connection

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Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 0.1000
Country of Manufacture Italy
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Model Adjustable thermostatic mixing valve
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