BURNiT UB 27, 27kW

Combined boiler Sunsystem Burnit UB 27 for heating of medium and large premises. Constructed for burning biomass - pellets, agri-pellets, small pieces of coal.

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Universal boiler for heating of medium and large premises. The universal retort burner allows  burning of different fuel types as coal, wood-pellets and agri-pellets (straw pellets and sunflower pellets).
Designed in accordance with Standard EN 303-5.

Set includes:
Combined boiler, Universal retort burner and Fuel hopper.


Product Features

  • Built-in control unit. Functions: Automatic combustion control; Controls the operation of central heating pump; Controls the operation of DHW (domestic hot water) pump.
  • Universal retort burner.  Equipped for burning of different fuel types as coal, wood-pellets and agri-pellets (straw pellets and sunflower pellets). Two Cast Iron grates for coal and pellets; Robust Cast Iron burner body; Long service life and ease of maintenance; 
  • Boiler combustion chamber with large heat exchanging surface and low chamber resistance.
  • Ribbed chamber surface is equipped with turbolators for longer retention of the  gases into combustion chamber to increase boiler efficiency. Three-pass flue gas flow.
  • The water mantle embraces the combustion chamber in full to utilize the emitted heat most efficiently.
  • Fuel hopper. Lateral connection to the boiler. Leveling foot. Convenient hatch for fuel loading. 


Safety devices

For a safe and reliable operation of the boiler, a number of safety devices are installed

- Controller for boiler temperature monitoring and control;

- Pressure relief valve 3 bar;

- Safety heat evacuator a tap-water-filled line passes through the upmost part of the boiler body. In case of overheating it is triggered open by a thermostatic valve;

- STB thermostat stops fuel supply into the burner when normal temperature in the boiler increases;
- Sensor prevents backfiring into the fuel hopper;
- Fuse 6,3 А.

Safety valve for temperature (c) connected to water tank (a) by water delivery hose (b). This prevents backfiring into the fuel hopper.

Schematic of the main features of a UB combined boiler



1. Combined boiler
2. Fuel hopper
3. Safety heat evacuator
4. Turbolators
5. Three-pass flue gas flow
6. Ceramic plate to improve the combustion
7. Universal retort burner 
8.  Cast Iron grate for coal
9.  Cast Iron grate for wood-pellets / agri-pellets

( a ) Water tank (Extinguisher)
( b ) Water delivery hose
( c ) Temperature safety valve

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 388.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Heat output (kW) 27
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 110 - 160
Approximate heating capacity (m³) 364
Dimension Depth (mm) 977
Dimension Width (mm) 1347
Dimension Height (mm) 1290
Construction material Steel
Mantle volume (L) 96
Insulation boiler high efficiency thermal wool
Insulation doors high efficiency thermal wool
Combustion chamber volume (L) 66
Pellet burner Yes
Pellet fuel hopper Included
Operating pressure (bar) 3
Operating temperature range (°C) 55 - 85
Recommended fuel coal (5-25mm), pellets (6-8mm), agri-pellets (6-8mm)
Flue (mm) 150
More Information
Required chimney draught (Pa/mbar) 16/0,16
Flue cleaning opening O : 150/70 mm
Exhaust gas temperature (operation mode), °C 250 - 280
Control panel U: Yes
Control of central heating pump Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Power consumption (W) 20 - 75
Multiple levels of power Yes
Temperature indicator Yes
Certification CE
Cold water inlet A: R 1 1/4"/212 mm
Hot water outlet B: R 1 1/4"/1245 mm
Cooling loop Yes
Safety line sleeve K: G 1/2"/1055 mm
Safety heat evacuator inlet/outlet E : R 1/2''/1052 mm
Height of Flue Pipe F: 945mm
Height of Water Drain Valve Y: 212mm
Drain Y : G1/2"
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