BURNiT WBS 110, 110kW


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Solid fuel boiler Burnit WBS 110 for central heating of premises up to 650m². Constructed for solid fuel burning - wood, wood briquettes class B and coal.

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Product Description

Steel boiler with natural air feed, controlled by a thermostatic draught regulator. Solid fuel boilers WBS range in nominal output from 20 to 110 kW to satisfy the heating demands of medium to large sized spaces. They are engineered for burning solid fuel - wood, wood briquettes class B and coal, and provide the option for fitting pellet, oil or gas-fired burners. 


The boiler body is manufactured from high quality steel with 5mm thickness for the combustion chamber and 3mm thickness for the water mantle. The combustion chamber has a large heat exchanging surface and low chamber impedance. Large firebox door ensures easy loading even of large chunks of wood.


To increase the heat exchange, the combustion chamber's surface is ribbed and designed for a three-pass flue gas flow. The mantle completely envelops the firebox for maximized usage of the heat. The boiler's body is insulated from the external conditions by 50mm thick high temperature resisting wool. This series uses a thermostatic draught regulator that opens or closes a flap on the lower door, depending on the amount of air needed for the burning process.

Safety devices

For a safe and reliable operation of the boiler, a number of safety devices are installed

- Thermostatic draught regulator;

- Removable metallic ash grate protects the heat exchanging pipes and the chamber base from the flame;

- Pressure relief valve 3 bar incl.in the delivery set;

- Safety heat evacuator: a tap-water filled line passes through the uppermost part of the boiler body. In case of overheating it is triggered open by a thermostatic valve (not included) to evacuate the heat off the boiler.


The central heating boiler can operate with natural untreated wood, but also with coal and compressed solid fuels such as briquettes. Maximum length of the wood logs is between 330mm and 500mm depending on the model. Fuel moisture should be 20% or lower.

In order to use the maximum caloricity of the fuel, the wood logs should be dried for a prolonged period of time. High moisture levels reduces caloricity and the output power of the boiler.


This series of boilers is manufactured for burning solid fuel, with the option of adaptation to a different kind of fuel. This is possible by mounting a pellet, gas or an oil burner on the lower door opening. A flange is also needed to mount the burner (optional).

Schematic of the main features of a WBS wood boiler



1. Temperature indicator
2. Housing
3. High efficiency thermal insulation
4. Safety heat evacuator
5. Three-pass flue gas flow
6. Mantle
7. Combustion chamber
8. Metal grate
9. Ash-and-soot container
10. Burner flange
11. Flue
12. Hot water outlet
13. Thermostatic regulator
14. Air intake flap

This appliance complies with EN 303-5.

Additional Information

2 Years

Weight (kg)

Country of Manufacture

Product Brand

Heat output (kW)

Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²)

Approximate heating capacity (m³)

Dimension Depth (mm)

Dimension Width (mm)

Dimension Height (mm)

Loading door size (Height, Width), mm
310 x 610

Construction material

Mantle volume (L)

Insulation boiler
high efficiency thermal wool

Insulation doors
high efficiency thermal wool

Combustion chamber volume (L)

Combustion chamber impedance (Pa/mbar)
54/ 0.54

Combustion viewer

Pellet burner

Operating pressure (bar)

Operating temperature range (°C)
65 - 85

Maximum water temperature (°C)

Min. return water temperature (°C)

Recommended fuel
wood,humidity 20%, wood briquettes ; coal

Fuel Type
Wood, Briquettes, Coal

Maximum length of the firewood logs (mm)

Flue (mm)

Required chimney draught (Pa/mbar)
47 / 0.47

Flue cleaning opening
O : 150 / 70 mm

Exhaust gas temperature (operation mode), °C

Exhaust Location
Back side

Control panel

Control of central heating pump

Combustion forced ventilation

Automatic cleaning system

Thermostatic draught regulator

Temperature indicator


Cold water inlet
A : R 1 1/2''/ 410 mm

Hot water outlet
B : R 1 1/2'' / 1295 mm

Distance of hot water outlet
J : 342 mm

Height of Hot Water Outlet
B : 1295 mm

Cooling loop

Safety line sleeve
K : G 1/2'' / 1195 mm

Safety heat evacuator inlet/outlet
E : R 1/2'' / 1195 mm

Air vent
I: Yes

Air intake flap
V: Yes

Height of Flue Pipe
F : 1030 mm

Height of Water Drain Valve
Y : 205 mm

Y : G 1'' / 205 mm

Burner flange (optional)
Z : 215 mm

Ash and soot container
X : Yes

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