Central heating manifold with valves, Size 1" x 24*19


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The central heating manifold is an essential part of every efficient heating system, while at the same time decreases installation time and cost.

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Product Description

A manifold based central heating system (star shaped) has several advantages over traditional "ring" system:

- Time required for installation is significantly reduced;

- Overall cost of the system is also reduced due to the lower number of fittings required (tees, elbows, etc.);

- Efficiency is increased. This is due to the fact that all radiators and/or underfloor heating pipes are feeded with hot water directly from the heating body (wood burning boiler stove, pellet boiler, solid fuel boiler). With the traditional "ring" system each consecutive radiator is feeded with cooler water which increases the time needed to heat the room and respectively the fuel needed.

The model has built-in valves and adapters on the ports.

Primary connection size (inlet/outlet) is threaded 1" and the port size is 24*19 (for radiator pipe adapters). Number of ports varies by model.

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Central heating manifold with valves

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