Prity LB 50 New Line, 50kW

Wood boiler New Line. The biggest size wood burning model of Prity for central heating.

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The boiler is designed to be placed in a ground floor room or a basement where it's easy to load wood and coal.

Its purpose is to heat water for local central heating systems, as well as heating domestic hot water.

Main characteristics of the wood burning boiler:

  • Body made of 2mm thick sheet steel
  • Top made of 3-4mm thick sheet steel
  • The main part of the boiler is the heat exchanger. It's constructed from welded sheet metal. The lower part is the burning chamber.
  • The ash drawer is placed below the burning chamber. It collects the residue from the burning process and allows easy maintenance and cleaning of the unit.
  • The cold water inlet is placed on top, and the hot water outlet - on the back. Both of them are threaded with size G1 1/4”, and are used to connect the boiler to the central heating system.
  • The chimney pipe is on the upper part of the boiler and is used to lead off the flue gases.
  • The steel heat exchanger has rock wool insulation which reduces heat losses to the environment.
  • The external decorative sides are constructed from sheet metal and are powder coated.
  • A manual damper is placed on the flue pipe to regulate the chimney draught.
  • Manual flap for the primary air.
  • The air control, achieved by the means of a capillary thermostat, smoothly regulates the temperature of the hot water from 50°C to 90°C, increasing the performance and economy of the combustion process.

Installation instructions

  • The boiler must be placed on a horizontal, nonflammable floor. To protect the floor, a nonflammable pad can be placed below the wood boiler. If a pad is used, it should stick out at least 50 cm in front of the boiler and 30cm on each side.
  • In the immediate vicinity of the boiler (within 80cm of each side) no objects should be placed if they are flammable or can be damaged from the heat.
  • Ask for an advice from a professional before connecting the boiler to the chimney.
  • All elements connecting the boiler to the chimney must be firmly fixed, but not in a way that places them inside the passage section of the chimney.
  • The chimney pipes should be the same size as the one on the boiler.
  • It is recommended to connect the boiler to a separate chimney. Other heating bodies can be connected to the same chimney only if it is designed for that purpose.
  • The flow of fresh air inside the boiler must be at least 4 m³/h for every kilowatt of heating output. If needed, air can be supplied from another room or from outside.
  • The burning process of the boiler must not be deprived of air when gravity or forced aspirations are at work, because in such cases the burning is incomplete and/or flue gas can be returned in the room.
  • The boiler should be connected to a central heating systems with suitable fittings and fixtures, according to a prepared beforehand heating project.

Achieving the desired heat output depends on:

  • the selected fuel with the necessary caloricity and humidity
  • its subsequent kindling and refueling
  • the regulation of the primary and the secondary air
  • the regulation of the draught
  • the organizing of effective air heat exchange, etc.


 - Not to be fired when not connected to radiators / fan convector heaters. Burning wood without water in the boiler will cause it to crack and subsequent loss of the guaranty. 


We recommend the installation to be done in an open type system. When connected in closed circuit system it must be fully protected using safety valves for temperature and pressure up to 1.5bar. All elements of the installation must be protected from freezing. In installation with forced ciculation we recommend the pump to be backed-up by a UPS.

More Information
Warranty 3 Years
Weight (kg) 335.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Heat output (kW) 50
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 280 / 3013
Approximate heating capacity (m³) 728
Dimension Depth (mm) 1070
Dimension Width (mm) 570
Dimension Height (mm) 1380
Construction material Steel
Operating pressure (bar) 1.5
Operating temperature range (°C) 50 - 90
Recommended fuel Wood up to 10% humidity, wood briquettes
More Information
Fuel Type Wood, Briquettes
Flue (mm) 150
Required chimney draught (Pa) 30
Exhaust Location Back side
Control panel No
Combustion forced ventilation No
Thermostatic draught regulator Yes
Certification CE
Cold water inlet G 1 1/4''
Hot water outlet G 1 1/4''
Cooling loop No
Ash and soot container Yes
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