Eldom Free standing 200L, Two heat exchangers, Electronic control

Energy efficient free standing water heater with two heat exchangers for domestic purposes in households.


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• A unique combined electronic controller, with a large LED display that provides precise control of the heating system, integrated into the water heater itself;
• The electronic module combines two main functions: precise heating element control and control of a solar collector;
• Adding complementary energy from the heating element only if the water temperature heated from the alternative energy sources si not sufficient;
• Anti-freeze protecion of the water heater as well as of the solar collector;
• Diagnostics of all used curcuits;
• Intelligent, “self-training” software;
• Equipped with a clock allowing specific schedule programming for turning on and off the heating element;
• Possibility for measuring the consumed electrical energy in kWh;
• Simultaneous display of the water temperature in the water heater and the temperature in the heat exchanger of the solar collector;
• With an option to connect it with a UPS device;
• ECO mode – on activating this mode the water temperature set is automatically reduced down to 60°С to save electrical energy.
• Holiday mode, protecting the system against overy-heating in cases when it has not been used for a long period of time;
• The usage of the combined electronic control definitely brings proven additional energy savings;
• With a lower positioned serpentine to accumulate to the maximum the energy from the heat source. This model is suitable to connect to solar collectors or heat pumps. The heat exchanger larger area allows that this model of water heaters is universally used;
    - With two heat exchangers - for a combined usage of two thermal sources. Considerable electrical energy savings could be achieved through the appropriate combining of heating modes during every season.  The upper part serpentine operates in an instantaneous mode and can be connected to boilers or water jacket fireplaces; the lower serpentine operates in an accumulating mode and is suitable for connecting to solar collectors or heat pumps.
    - Sensor sockets for each heat exchanger – the mounted thermal sensors allow for the precise heating system control and its economical functioning. 
    - More than 43 mm. thick heat insulation of expanded polyurethane foam that ensures extremely low heat losses and saves money;
• LONG LIFE - water tank coated with a wear-proof zirconium enamel and two magnesium protectors for an optimal anti-corrosion protection of the whole volume;
• RELIABLE - with a unique "6-Level protection"
• Electrical tube heating element, specially designed for this model and manufactured according to the latest innovative technology.

When choosing a water heater, the following average consumption values can be used as a general rule (hot water requirements per person per day):

  • Low consumption = 20-30L
  • Average consumption = 30-50L
  • High consumption = 50-70L
More Information
Warranty 5 years water tank, 3 years electric heating element
Weight (kg) 84.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Volume (L) 200
Water tank enameled
Diameter (mm) 600
Height/ Length [mm] 1450
Electric heating element Yes
Electric heating element power (kW) 3
Heat exchanger coil Two heat exchanger coils
Installation Free standing
More Information
Control Electronic control
Energy efficiency class B
Nominal pressure (MPa) 0.8
Standing loss (W) 56
Lower coil S1 heat exchanging surface (m²) 0.86
Upper coil S2 heat exchanging surface (m²) 0.35
Anode protector Yes
Pipes diameter (plumbing system / heat exchanger ) 3/4" / 3/4"
Certification CE
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