Atmos DC 25 S, 27kW

Gasification solid fuel boiler with electro-mechanical control Atmos DC 25 S for central heating of premises. Constructed for solid fuel burning - wood.

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The ATMOS gasifying boilers are constructed for burning wood on the principle of generator gasifying with the use of a gas exhaust ventilator, which withdraws the combustion gases from the boiler, or leads air into the boiler.

The boiler body is produced as a weldment of 3-8mm steel sheets. They comprise the fuel hopper, which is equipped at the bottom with a heatproof pipe fitting with longitudinal hole for the combustion gases and passage of gases. The burnout part of the multiple chamber furnace under the fuel hopper is equipped with ceramic pipe fittings. There is a vertical combustion gas duct in the back of the boiler body, which is equipped with a heating valve in the upper section. The upper part of the combustion gas duct is fitted with a gas exhaust outlet for connection to a chimney.

Product features

  • Option to burn large pieces of wood.
  • Primary and secondary air is also preheated to a high temperature – higher effectiveness.
  • The ventilator automatically switches off when the fuel burns out.
  • Easy servicing and cleaning.
  • Ceramic combustion space – high effectiveness.
  • Large fuel container.
  • Large space for ash (when burning wood you have to clean it once per week).
  • Boiler without tube plate – easier cleaning.
  • Small size and low weight.
  • High quality.


Reverse combustion and a ceramic combustion chamber enable perfect combustion with minimum polluting emissions. The boilers comply with environmentally friendly product requirements according to Guideline No. 13/2002 of the Czech Ministry of Environment. They comply the European Standard EN 303-5 and all the boilers rate in class 3.


ATMOS boilers must be connected via the LADDOMAT 21 or ESBE thermoregulation valve to achieve keeping the minimum temperature of water returning to boiler at 65οC. The temperature of water exiting the boiler must be permanently kept between 80-90οC. The default configuration of all boilers includes a cooling circuit to prevent overheating. We recommend installing boilers with accumulation tanks.


All ATMOS boilers are certified in testing laboratories for the individual countries of destination: State Testing Laboratory Brno, TÜV Munich-Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary according to current standards EN 303-5. Protected by patent. 


Power is controlled with a safety valve operated with the draught regulator, FR 124 type, which automatically opens or closes the safety valve according to a set output temperature of water (80 - 90°C), except for DC50SE which is equipped with a BELIMO servo flap with a spring. When setting the power regulator, much attention should be paid because the regulator has another important function other than power regulation - it also secures the boiler against overheating. A controlling thermostat located on the boiler panel regulates the fan according to a set temperature (75 - 85°C). A temperature lower by 5°C should be set on the controlling thermostat rather than on the FR 124 draught regulator.
The boiler runs at a reduced output even without a fan - heating is not lost when the electric power fails. At up to 70 percent of its rated output, the boiler can be operated without a ventilator.

Atmos standart controller

Panel composition:
Main off switch, safety thermostat, thermometer, regulator thermostat and combustion thermostat

Electro-mechanical regulation is an optimum solution for easy management of the operation of the boiler (ventilator).

The design of the panel with standard regulation is a basic design for all produced boilers.


Atmos boiler schematic


1. Boiler drum 14. Fireproof and heat-resisting fitting - GS - rear face of round space
2. Filling door 15 Cleaning cover
3. Ash pan door 16 Orifice plate
4. Fan - pressure, exhaust (S) 17 Firing safety valve pull rod
5. Fireproof and heat-resisting fitting - nozzle 18 Thermometer
6. Control panel 19 Furnace orifice plate
7. Safety thermostat 20 Switch
8. Regulating safety valve 22 Power regulator - Honeywell FR124
9. Fireproof and heat-resisting fitting - furnace side - GS 23 Cooling loop
10. Fireproof and heat-resisting fitting - GS - round space L+P 24 Fan thermostat
11. Sealing - nozzles 25 V. Door panel - Sibrall
12. Fireproof and heat-resisting fitting - half-moon 26 Door sealing - cord 18 x 18
13. Firing safety valve 27 Waste gas thermostat

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 326.0000
Country of Manufacture Czech Republic
Heat output (kW) 27
Range of heat output (kW) 20 - 27
Dimension Depth (mm) 970
Dimension Width (mm) 590
Dimension Height (mm) 1180
Efficiency (%) 90
Construction material Steel
Mantle volume (L) 58
Operating temperature range (°C) 65 - 90
Min. return water temperature (°C) 65
Recommended fuel Dry wood with specific energy 5-18 MJ/kg, diameter 80 - 150 mm, 12 - 20% humidity
Maximum length of the firewood logs (mm) 530
Flue (mm) 150
Required chimney draught (Pa) 23
Fume extraction device Yes
Exhaust Location Back side
Control panel Yes
More Information
Control of central heating pump Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Combustion forced ventilation Yes
Thermostatic draught regulator Yes, FR124
Thermometer Yes
Thermostat Yes
Class of boiler according to EN 303-5 4
Cold water inlet J : 1 1/2"
Hot water outlet J : 1 1/2"
Distance of hot water outlet CH : 220
Height of Hot Water Outlet G : 200
Cooling loop Yes
Overheating protected Yes
Firing safety valve Yes
Firing safety valve pull rod Yes
Height of Flue Pipe D : 872
Height of Return Water Pipe H : 930
Door sealing Cord 18 x 18
Ash and soot container Yes
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