DemirDokum Solitech/Solidmaster Plus 8, 65kW

Turkish cast iron solid fuel boiler DemirDokum Solitech/Solidmaster Plus 8 for central heating of premises. Constructed for solid fuel burning - wood, coal and coke.

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Sectional cast iron boiler, suitable for central heating systems.

Choosing a central heating boiler with the necessary heat output is done according to the size of the heated area and the individual heating needs. As a base example, a residence with an area of 80 m² and a volume of 200 m³ needs about 6 kW of thermal power. In order to make a precise calculation, some extra details are relevant, such as the number of external walls, insulation, type and material of the windows, etc. The range of solid fuel boilers DemirDokum covers most of the possible applications. 

The boiler has a built-in thermal regulator, with which you can adjust the desired temperature of the water in the mantle by limiting the maximum value, which optimizes the operating cost. The boiler's thermometer allows you to monitor the current water temperature and pressure.


The cast iron boiler Solitech/Solidmaster can operate on wood, coke and coal.

In order to use the maximum caloricity of the fuel, the wood logs should be dried for a prolonged period of time. High moisture levels reduces caloricity and the output power of the boiler.

Maximum operating pressure of the boiler is 3 bar.


A chimney with the necessary draft is a main prerequisite for the optimum function of the central heating boiler. Thermal output and economy are dependent on that. This is why the chimney draft needs to be at least the necessary pressure, provided by the manufacturer. More details are available in the technical documents of the boiler.

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 415.0000
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Heat output (kW) 65
Nominal heat output (black coal,walnut), KW 65
Nominal heat output (hard wood-split logs), KW 48
Range of heat output (kW) 48 - 65
Dimension Depth (mm) 890
Dimension Width (mm) 520
Dimension Height (mm) 1070
Construction material Cast iron
Pieces/sections 8
Mantle volume (L) 52
Combustion chamber volume (L) 126.5
Operating pressure (bar) 3
More Information
Maximum water temperature (°C) 100
Min. return water temperature (°C) 60
Recommended fuel wood with humidity up to 20%,briquettes
Fuel Type Wood, Briquettes
Flue (mm) 160
Exhaust Location Back side
Thermostatic draught regulator Yes
Temperature indicator Yes
Certification CE
Cold water inlet R 1 1/2 ''
Hot water outlet R 1 1/2 ''
Drain R 1/2 ''
Ash and soot container Yes
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