Differential thermostat Thermolux, Model DT-3

Device for measuring and temperature control in solar systems.

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  • The Electronic Differential Thermostat is designed to control the circulation pump and the electrical heating element in relation to the temperature difference between the solar panel and the water heater of the solar panel installation.

Technical data:

  • Equipped with two temperature sensors LM335, one for the water heater and the other one for the solar panel (fireplace).
  • There is no limitation concerning the connection cable length of the temperature sensors.
  • Digital display shows the temperature of the solar panel (boiler) and the water heater.
  • The Thermostat switches on the circulation pump of the installation if the solar panel (fireplace) temperature is grater than the temperature of the water heater starting from +2° C up to +20°C.
  • It does not allow the circulation pump to work if the temperature of the solar panel (fireplace) is lower than 40° C.
  • It controls the operation of electrical heating elements of the water heater (or a mixed valve) by switching them on when the solar panel temperature is lower than 40°С and respectively by switching them off when this temperature is grater than 40°С.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.
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Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 1.0000
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Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
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