Gerkand Augusta Water, 13kW

Wood burning boiler stove with oven for central heating.

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Gerkand stoves are characterized by simplistic design, high efficiency and are constructed of high quality materials.

Color: brown, silver

  • Cast iron combustion chamber grate.
  • Cast iron flue outlet.
  • Front damper for controlling the air supply.
  • Secondary air flap that increases the combustion temperature, efficiency and prevents fumigation of the glass.
  • Metal door handles with spiral shape reducing the risk of burning your hand.
  • Double walls for increased natural convection
  • Ceramic glass with resistance up to 750°C
  • Hardened glass pane of the oven.
  • Heat resistant paint - 600°C
  • Equipped with thermometer
  • Ceramic sealing rope


 - Not to be fired when not connected to radiators / fan convector heaters. Burning wood in the fireplace without water in the boiler will cause it to crack and subsequent loss of the guaranty. 

Achieving the desired heat output depends on:

  • the selected fuel with the necessary caloricity and humidity
  • its subsequent kindling and refueling
  • the regulation of the primary and the secondary air
  • the regulation of the draught
  • the organizing of effective air heat exchange, etc.


 - We recommend the installation to be done in an open type system. All elements of the installation must be protected from freezing. In installation with forced ciculation we recommend the pump to be backed-up by a UPS.

 - In case of presence of copper in any part of the plumbing installation the fireplace must be protected from electrolysis by installing a magnesium anode or other protective system.

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 111.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Heat output (kW) 13
Space heating output (kW) 7
Water heating output (kW) 6
Heating type Hydro - Radiator
Other Features Oven
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 60
Approximate heating capacity (m³) 162
Dimension Depth (mm) 530
Dimension Width (mm) 670
Dimension Height (mm) 1000
Construction material Cast iron
More Information
Boiler capacity (L) 6.5
Operating temperature (℃) 60
Fuel Type Wood, Briquettes
Min/max fuel consumption per hour (kg) 2.87
Flue (mm) 130
Required chimney draught (Pa) 12
CO content of the flue gas 0.267 %
Exhaust gas temperature (operation mode), °C 266
Emissions (g/s) 9.5
Thermometer Yes
Cold water inlet 1''
Hot water outlet 1''
Ash and soot container Yes
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