Buffer Tank Sunsystem, Model PR2 2000, Capacity 2000L, Two heat exchanging coils, Industrial

Saving energy and money is achieved using buffer vessels of the Sunsystem PR2 series in the central heating system.


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The buffer tanks of series PR2 of the company SUNSYSTEM used for improving the performance and efficiency of heating, through the production and storage of hot water, which is used in the central space heating system. These specific buffer tanks allow the use of up to 3 external heat sources and optional kit for electric heating with nominal power  3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW or 7.5kW.

Product Features

  • Range of volumes of 300-3000 liters
  • Upright storage tank made of steel S235JR
  • Primer coated on the outside
  • CFC free soft PU-foam insulation with thickness of 100 mm 
  • PVC coating in RAL 9006 or other colors on demand
  • All threads are internal
  • Option for installing a heating element as back-up source of heat
  • Compressive strength 3 bar

Energy efficiency Buffers

Energy Efficiency Directive 2010/30 /EU, 
Regulation 812/2013:

Class E - capacity from 300 to 500 Liters;
Class Е - capacity from 800 to 1000 Liters;

Buffer tank PR2 series

1. Aesthetic PVC jacket with color RAL 9006
2. Primer coated outer surface
3. Removable insulation
4. Water tank of low-carbon steel
5. Lower coil S1
6. Upper coil S2

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 456.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Water capacity/content (L) 2000
Heat exchanger coil Two heat exchanger coils
Installation Free standing
Dimension Height (mm) 2250
Height without insulation (mm) 2200
Diameter (mm) 1350
Diameter without insulation (mm) 1150
Minimum vertical clearance (mm) 2260
Insulation weight (kg) 26.5
Thermometer Optional
Lower coil S1 heat exchanging surface (m²) 4.0
Lower coil S1 capacity (L) 24.6
Upper coil S2 heat exchanging surface (m²) 2.4
Upper coil S2 volume (L) 14.8
Buffer operating pressure (bar) 3
Coil operating pressure (bar) 16
More Information
Maximum coil operating temperature (°C) 110
Maximum buffer operating temperature (°C) 95
Recommended size of the boiler connected to the buffer (kW) 36 - 67
Sensor sleeve A (mm) G 1/2'' / 920
Electric heating element B (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 1170
Sensor sleeve C (mm) G 1/2'' / 1690
Air vent sleeve D (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 2200
Boiler heat carrier E (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 1820
Sensor sleeve G (mm) G 1/2'' / 1590
Boiler heat carrier H (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 1420
Boiler heat carrier J (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 1170
Heat carrier inlet L (mm) G 1'' / 980
Boiler heat carrier M (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 735
Sensor sleeve N (mm) G 1/2'' / 500
Heat carrier outlet O (mm) G 1'' / 380
Boiler heat carrier outlet P (mm) G 1 1/2'' / 230
Certification CE
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