Pellet Boilers

Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers are systems for central heating designed to be installed in an allocated place (boiler room). Balkanenergy is an official distributor of pellet boilers with very affordable prices compared to the quality of the product that the clients receive.

Types and brands of pellet boilers:

Macedonian Pellet boilers EcoSpar

Pellet boilers EcoSpar have very compact size, allowing them to be installed in closed balconies and terraces as long as they are protected from freezing. Pellet boilers with output up to 27kW have built-in circulation pump, expansion vessel and hopper. A major advantage of these pellet boilers is the solid cast iron potter capable of withstanding many years without replacement.

Bulgarian Pellet boilers BURNiT

Pellet boilers BURNiT are also with compact size and can be installed in balconies and terraces if all safety measures are implemented. Their control unit offers as an option adding a Wi-Fi module in order to be operated via a mobile app for Android or iOS. Pellet boilers of the Advant series are offered in two variants- with heat output of 13 and 25kW and they have built-in circulation pump and expansion vessel. There are also high class BURNiT pellet boilers series Pell Easy that are tested and comply with EN – 303-5 standard (class 5) with outputs from 20 to 35kW that can heat areas up to 250m2.

Pellet boilers Artel

The Italian pellet boilers Artel are capable of heating premises up to 200m2 with very low fuel consumption. They are equipped with a circulation pump and safety valves which significantly reduces the initial investment for a heating installation because those parts don’t need to be bought separately.
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  1. Sunsystem BURNiT Pell Easy, 35kW
    SKU: 0000007823
    €3,390.00 €2,825.00
  2. Sunsystem BURNiT Pell Easy, 20kW
    SKU: 0000006648
    €2,647.00 €2,205.83
  3. Eco Spar Mini Maxima, 27kW
    SKU: 0000006563
    €2,163.00 €1,802.50
  4. Artel Caldaie compatte Mod.32, 31.80kW
    SKU: 0000002713
    €4,234.00 €3,528.33
  5. Artel Caldaie compatte Mod.28, 27.17kW
    SKU: 0000002712
    €3,777.00 €3,147.50
  6. Artel Caldaie compatte Mod.24, 23.79kW
    SKU: 0000002711
    €3,426.00 €2,855.00
  7. Artel Caldaie compatte Mod.20, 19kW
    SKU: 0000002710
    €3,130.00 €2,608.33
  8. Artel Caldaie compatte Mod.15, 15.19kW
    SKU: 0000002709
    €2,807.00 €2,339.17
  9. Eco Spar Orion, 42kW
    SKU: 0000002649
    €2,645.00 €2,204.17
  10. Eco Spar Maxima, 33kW
    SKU: 0000002648
    €2,350.00 €1,958.33
  11. Eco Spar Auriga B, 25kW
    SKU: 0000000541
    €2,006.00 €1,671.67
  12. Eco Spar Alba B, 18kW
    SKU: 0000000537
    €1,905.00 €1,587.50
  13. Eco Spar Minima B, 12kW
    SKU: 0000000533
    €1,839.00 €1,532.50
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