Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves for every home, office or restaurant.


Buying a pellet stove is the most energy efficient and ecological solution for solid fuel heating.

Every pellet stove has a built-in hopper which makes it compact and suitable for any setting.

The flue pipe diameter of pellet stoves varies from 80mm to 100mm depending on the model. This small size makes them very easy to connect to any chimney.

All pellet stove models are equipped with an electronic control unit that automatically ignites the pellets, precisely control the burning process and give the user the ability to adjust the desired temperature.

Balkanenergy is the official distributor of high quality and economic pellet stoves with the best prices.

Pellet stoves EcoSpar North Macedonia

This pellet stove brand is known throughout Europe with its high quality and competitive price. Pellet stoves EcoSpar are offered in a range of 6 to 40kW which makes them suitable for heating a small apartment or one- and two-storey houses. Pellet stoves with back boiler with heat output of up to 30kW have built-in circulation pump and expansion vessel. The large variety of models, compact size, intelligent Fumis controller, easy installation and maintenance makes the EcoSpar pellet stove the most practical choice for you.

Pellet stoves Sunsystem BURNiT

Bulgarian pellet stoves made in accordance to the latest quality standards and in compliance with all European operating norms. BURNIT pellet stoves have modern design, a lot of functions and are offered in a range from 8 to 25kW. They are equipped with intelligent Fumis controller and the models with back boiler have built-in circulation pump and expansion vessel.

Pellet stoves Palazzetti

Italian pellet stoves with over 20 years history. One of the leading pellet stove manufacturers in the world. The manufacturing process of the Palazzetti pellet stoves utilizes the latest technologies and patents. High price class of these pellet stoves corresponds to the highest possible build quality.

Pellet stoves Artel

Italian pellet stoves with very competitive price for its quality class. AMG Spa is one of the biggest pellet stove manufacturers in Europe. Artel’s models are very compact and stylish and their Micronova control unit makes them very easy to use.

Pellet stoves AlfaPlam.

Serbian pellet stoves made with modern production machines and technologies. This makes the AlfaPlam brand one of the fastest developing in Europe. AlfaPlam pellet stoves are extremely quiet and at the same time very efficient and ecological. One of the few brands that offers 4 types of surface protection.

According to the heating system, pellet stoves are divided into:

Direct Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves with Back Boiler

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  1. BURNiT Comfort 25kW
    SKU: 0000007891
    As low as €1,895.87 €1,579.89
  2. BURNiT Comfort 18kW
    SKU: 0000007887
    As low as €1,803.84 €1,503.20
  3. BURNiT Comfort 13kW
    SKU: 0000007883
    As low as €1,773.00 €1,477.50
  4. BURNiT Advant 25kW
    SKU: 0000007879
    As low as €2,114.27 €1,761.89
  5. BURNiT Advant 18kW
    SKU: 0000007875
    As low as €2,022.24 €1,685.20
  6. BURNiT Advant 13kW
    SKU: 0000007871
    As low as €1,997.00 €1,664.17
  7. Eco Spar Vega, 12kW
    SKU: 0000007309
    As low as €1,789.00 €1,490.83
  8. Royal Idro 270, 26.7kW
    SKU: 0000007035
    As low as €3,076.00 €2,563.33
  9. Royal Idro 240, 23.39kW
    SKU: 0000007029
    As low as €2,958.00 €2,465.00
  10. Royal Idro 180, 17kW
    SKU: 0000007022
    As low as €2,802.00 €2,335.00
  11. Royal Idro 140, 14,2kW
    SKU: 0000007013
    As low as €2,684.00 €2,236.67
  12. Royal Roberta Air 80, 8.3kW
    SKU: 0000007001
    As low as €1,558.00 €1,298.33
  13. Palazzetti Sabina Idro, 26.7kW
    SKU: 0000006993
    As low as €5,287.00 €4,405.83
  14. Palazzetti Sabina Idro, 24kW
    SKU: 0000006986
    As low as €5,092.00 €4,243.33
  15. Palazzetti Sabina Idro, 20kW
    SKU: 0000006980
    As low as €4,892.00 €4,076.67
  16. Palazzetti Wilma Idro+Aria, 18kW
    SKU: 0000006972
    As low as €4,287.00 €3,572.50
  17. Palazzetti Ginger Idro, 15kW
    SKU: 0000006964
    As low as €4,076.00 €3,396.67
  18. Palazzetti Ginger Idro, 12kW
    SKU: 0000006956
    As low as €3,758.00 €3,131.67
  19. Palazzetti Elisabeth Idro, 15kW
    SKU: 0000006946
    As low as €4,425.00 €3,687.50
  20. Palazzetti Elisabeth Idro, 12kW
    SKU: 0000006939
    As low as €4,123.00 €3,435.83
  21. Palazzetti Bianca Pro 3, 12kW
    SKU: 0000006909
    As low as €2,849.00 €2,374.17
  22. Palazzetti Anna Sealed Pro 3, 12kW
    SKU: 0000006904
    As low as €3,810.00 €3,175.00
  23. Palazzetti Anna Sealed Pro 2, 9kW
    SKU: 0000006899
    As low as €3,600.00 €3,000.00
  24. Palazzetti Ginger Aria, 11.93kW
    SKU: 0000006895
    As low as €3,697.00 €3,080.83
  25. Palazzetti Ginger Aria, 9kW
    SKU: 0000006891
    As low as €3,574.00 €2,978.33
  26. Palazzetti Elisabeth Aria, 11.93kW
    SKU: 0000006888
    As low as €4,061.00 €3,384.17
  27. Palazzetti Elisabeth Aria, 9kW
    SKU: 0000006881
    As low as €3,943.00 €3,285.83
  28. Palazzetti Slimmy Aria, 9.3kW
    SKU: 0000006873
    As low as €3,393.00 €2,827.50
  29. Palazzetti Violetta Aria, 7.35kW
    SKU: 0000006861
    As low as €1,692.00 €1,410.00
  30. Palazzetti Eldora Aria, 9kW
    SKU: 0000006856
    As low as €3,630.00 €3,025.00
  31. Palazzetti Malu Aria, 8.2kW
    SKU: 0000006851
    As low as €1,320.00 €1,100.00
  32. Palazzetti Nina Aria, 8.2kW
    SKU: 0000006847
    As low as €2,170.00 €1,808.33
  33. Palazzetti Dani New Aria, 8.2kW
    SKU: 0000006842
    As low as €2,302.00 €1,918.33
  34. Palazzetti Lia Aria, 8.2kW
    SKU: 0000006838
    As low as €1,680.00 €1,400.00
  35. Artel Easy M10 8,87kW
    SKU: 0000006590
    As low as €1,220.00 €1,016.67
  36. Eco Spar Venus, 12kW
    SKU: 0000005606
    As low as €2,177.31 €1,814.42
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