Set BURNiT WBS Active 50 - Pell 40, 40kW

Pellet boiler Burnit WBS Active 50 with burner Pell 40 for central heating of premises. Constructed for burning pellets.

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Set of steel boiler WBS with pre-mounted pellet burner, fuel feeder and pellet hopper FH 500. Range in nominal output from 20 to 90 kW to satisfy the heating demands of medium to large sized spaces by using the environmentally friendly fuel wood pellets. The WBS Active boiler is adapted for pellet burning, and together with the PELL pellet burner can reach very high efficiency levels.

Product features

  • Ready to use set. Includes WBS Active boiler, pellet burner BURNiT PELL, auger with feeder chute, fuel hopper FH 500 and mounting kit
  • The boiler is specially adapted for burning pellets with additional elements such as turbulators and upper protective door
  • Microprocessor controller that operates:
    • Pellet feed and automatic ignition;
    • Self-cleaning of the burner;
    • Control of the central heating pump (circulation pump);
    • Control of domestic hot water pump (DHW pump);
    • Control via thermostat;
    • Control by buffer tank temperature
  • Temperature sensor to monitor the boiler temperature
  • Temperature sensor for water heater
  • Two temperature sensors for buffer tank
  • Fuel hopper FH 500 with two installation options- on the left or the right side of the boiler
  • Pellet burner with built-in:
    • Photo sensor for monitoring of flame intensity;
    • Internal auger;
    • Feeder chute with 360rotation
    • Dry contactless resistance heater for pellet ignition;
    • Air feed fan, step-regulated

Safety devices

For a safe and reliable operation of the boiler, a number of safety devices are installed

  • Bent feeder chute to prevent backfire into the fuel hopper
  • Thermostatic protection (80oC)
  • Electricity-independent memory of the burner. In case of power interruption, all settings are stored in the pellet burner memory.
  • Fuse 10A
  • Safety heat evacuator- a tap-water-filled line passes through the upmost part of the boiler body. In case of overheating it is triggered open by a thermostatic valve (not included) to evacuate the heat off the boiler. 
  • Pressure relieve valve 3bar

Schematic of the main features of a WBS Active pellet boiler


Pellet boiler Burnit WBS Active - Pell


1. Boiler WBS Active
2. Pellet burner Pell, flexible connection, automatic pellet-feeding auger;
3. Pellet fuel hopper FH 500
4. Upper barrier rib / turbulator/
5. Lower barrier rib  /turbulator/
6. Upper protective door ; 
7. Opening of burner flange cover on lower boiler door 
8. Mounting kit - to connect burner Pell to the boiler 


More Information
Warranty 1 year electronic components, 2 years boiler and burner's combustion chamber
Weight (kg) 485.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Maximal thermal output (kW / BTU) 40 / 136485
Nominal thermal power (kW) 35
Range of heat output (kW) 10 - 40
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 160 - 340
Dimension Depth (mm) 1375
Dimension Width (mm) 700
Dimension Height (mm) 1235
Mantle volume (L) 106
Insulation boiler High efficiency thermal wool
Combustion chamber volume (L) 97
Combustion efficiency (%) 99
Pellet burner Yes
Pellet fuel hopper FH 500
Fuel hopper volume (L) 500
Burner air feed fan Step-regulated 0 - 100%
Operating pressure (bar) 3
Operating temperature range (°C) 65 - 80
Min. return water temperature (°C) 60
Recommended fuel Wood pellets, diameter 6-8 mm /EN 14961 - 2: 2011/
More Information
Mounting kit - to connect buner Pell to the boiler Included
Additional elements of WBS Active Turbulators, upper protective door
Flue (mm) 180
Required chimney draught (Pa/mbar) 14 / 0,14
Flue cleaning opening O : 150/70 mm
Flue gas flow 0,007 - 0,021 kg/s
Exhaust Location Back side
Control panel Yes
Control of central heating pump Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Average power consumption (W) Firing up mode: 400 ; Operating: 60 - 70
Average power consumption self-cleaning mode (W) 1300
Combustion forced ventilation Yes
Certification CE
Cold water inlet A : R 1 1/4''/ 232 mm
Hot water outlet B : R 1 1/4''/ 1265 mm
Safety line sleeve E : R 1/2"/ 1072
Safety heat evacuator inlet/outlet K : G 1/2"/ 1075
Height of Flue Pipe F: 930
Drain Y : G 1/2" / 232
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