Flat plate solar collector Bosch, Model 7000TF 2.55m², Vertical mounting

Flat plate solar panels Bosch are highly efficient collectors suitable for exploitation throughout all seasons.

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The innovative flat plate solar collectors BOSCH Solar 7000 TF are characterized by high efficiency, easy mounting and high durability. Quality design featuring a unique sinusoidal S-shaped geometry of the copper absorber for maximum heat transfer, the solid solar glass, resistant to hail, connections made of highly resistant steel and the monolithic fiberglass frame ensure a safe and aesthetic mounting, as well as stability and low weight. The frame is designed not only to be durable and protect the collector, but also with easy handling in mind. Up to 10 solar panels can be connected parallel into an array, or up to 5 with single-sided connection. All these design features make the BOSCH Solar 7000TF an extremely efficient solar panel even with bad weather conditions.

Product features

  • Vertical orientation of the collector
  • Mounting kits for all roof types (not included, need to be ordered separately)
  • Hydraulic connections with easy fitting, even without tools
  • Sinusoidal S-shaped copper absorber with selective PVD-coating (blue), welded using the BOSCH Omega ultrasonic technology
  • High stability of the panel - monolithic design, made of fiberglass

Bosch solar panel 7000tf cross section


  • High temperature rock wool insulation of the absorber
  • Vented connection of the absorber with the frame to avoid condensing of liquid
  • Easy transport and mounting - specially designed frame with low weight and comfortable handling
  • 18mm absorber pipe connections
  • Integrated 6mm temperature sensor sleeve
  • Optimum quality to price ratio



More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 45.0000
Country of Manufacture Germany
Collector case height (mm) 2170
Collector case width (mm) 1175
Collector case thickness (mm) 87
Collector surface (m²) 2,55
Absorber surface 2,43
Heat carrier fluid Propylene glycol
Volume of heat carrier (L) 1,6
Flow rate of heat carrier (l/m²h) 50
Thickness of solar glass (mm) 3,2
More Information
Material of absorber Copper
Coating of absorber Highly selective PVD (blue)
Collector frame material/type Fiberglass / Monolithic
Insulation Rock wool
Efficiency η0 in relation to aperture (%) 0,794
Thermal loss coefficient - K1 (W/m²K) 3,86
Thermal loss coefficient - K2 (W/m²K) 0,013
Maximum Operating pressure (bar) 10
Inlet/Outlet (mm) 18
Temperature sensor sleeve (mm) 6
Certification CE, Solar Keymark
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