Flat plate solar collector Sunsystem, Model Standard New Line, 2,15m²

Sunsystem Standard collectors are mainly suitable for seasonal consumption of hot water during the warm part of the year.

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SUNSYSTEM Standard collectors are especially applicable for sites with seasonal consumption of hot water mainly during the warm part of the year. During the period April through October they satisfy the needs of hot water in a household at 80% - 100%.

Product Features

  • The aluminum casing is designed to withstand the rough conditions of the outdoor environment and ensures long life of the product. The frame design ensures easy fixation and multiple mounting possibilities. It has aesthetic appearance and comes colored alternatively in RAL 9006 or RAL 9005.
  • Rock wool insulation with excellent heat insulating capabilities keeps thermal loss at minimum even in harsh climate conditions.
  • The absorber is made of coated copper elements to transfer the heat from the sun into the heat-carrier. The absorber coating type differs between the Standard and Select models:

‒ SUNSYSTEM Standard family employs black solar coating which is a cost-effective solution for sites with mild climate or seasonal hot water consumption mainly during the warm part of the year.

Sunsystem solar collectors types

  • The harp type absorber construction ensures low hydraulic resistance and economic energy consumption. Each unit is tested for liquid-tightness.
  • Protective solar glass Durasolar® P+  Due to its prismatic pattern it captures even the indirect sun rays and directs them straight onto the absorber. It lets the sun rays in and restricts their reflection out of the collector. Being a low-iron glass (FeO ≤ 0.02 %) it has higher energy transmission rate than regular glass, with a solar energy transmission value Tsol=90.7%. Durasolar® P+ is heat-tempered to withstand the strains of the open environment such as wind, snow and hail.
  • UV resistant silicon seal. Specially designed meander-profile sealing ensures tight fitting of the glass pane to the aluminum framework. Made of durable solar grade silicon.

More Information
Warranty 10 Years
Weight (kg) 38.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Collector case height (mm) 2125
Collector case width (mm) 1000
Collector case thickness (mm) 90
Collector surface (m²) 2,15
Absorber surface 1.94
Number of collection pipes (pcs) 2
Volume of heat carrier (L) 1.6
Flow rate of heat carrier (l/m²h) 50
Thickness of solar glass (mm) 4,2
Material of solar glass K: Heat tempered prismatic solar glass Durasolar P+
Heat carrier pipes material/type Copper coated
More Information
Material of collector case Aluminum
Material of absorber Copper
Coating of absorber Black solar coating
Number of absorber pipes (pcs) G: 8
Distance between absorber pipes (mm) F: 114
Insulation Rock wool 30kg/m³ δ=40mm DIN 181165
Thermal loss coefficient - K1 (W/m²K) 6,18
Thermal loss coefficient - K2 (W/m²K) 0,0227
Stagnation temperature (°C) 170
Test pressure (MPa) 2,5
Maximum Operating pressure (bar) 0,6
New line Inlet/Outlet (mm) N,P: Ø22
Certification CE
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