Thermosiphon system Eldom, Model Green Line 300L, Panels 2 x 2m², Flat roof

Harness the energy of the sun for the most economical way of heating domestic water for sanitary purposes- Eldom Green Line thermosiphon system.



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A thermosiphon system is a cost-effective way to heat water with solar energy. It makes use of the natural thermal convection of liquids to transfer the heat from the solar collectors to the water tank.

The system includes two flat plate collectors connected to a water tank. The circulation of the heat carrier liquid is driven by natural thermal convection. The heat carrier inside the absorber of the collector is heated by the solar energy and moves up along the piping to reach the water heater where it gives away its heat to the water inside the tank. As it cools down, the heat carrier then is returned to the collectors to repeat the process. 
Thanks to optimized placing of the connections, the system boasts a smaller footprint at the mounting site.

The water tank also includes an electric heating element, which is used to heat the water when solar energy is insufficient, for example heavy cloud coverage, rainy days or at night.

Product features

- An extremely reliable and highly efficient small investment domestic hot water system for seasonal consumers.
- The thermosiphon Eldom Green Line operates under pressure equal to that of the plumbing, thus providing unlimited installation options as it can operate even on elevation 0.
- Long life - the system stand and the water heater body are made of galvanized steel. In addition the water heater external shell is coated with layer of weatherproof paint. The water heater tank is glazed with heavy-duty enamel zirconium. For additional corrosion protection two anode treads are installed.
- The thermosiphon has minimum heat losses - the boiler is provided with thick and dense Freon-free polyurethane, while the solar collector has improved rock wool insulation. This is guarantees maximum system efficiency even in extreme weather conditions.
- Green – the thermosiphon operates according the natural convection of fluids principle, thus being energy passive. The electricity consumption may be necessary only during periods of cloudy days with insufficient sunlight, or at night.
- The system is compact and fully equipped.
- Improved electrical part - a built-in heater for wintertime is provided, thus avoiding draining of the system.
- The thermosiphon stand is designed for flat and horizontal surfaces. All elements may be mounted on it.

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 190.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Water tank volume (L) 300
Dimension Width (mm) 2241
Dimension Height (mm) 2172
Length (mm) 2239
Collector case height (mm) 2000
Collector case width (mm) 1000
Collector case thickness (mm) 85
Stand type Flat roof
Collector model Classic R
Collector surface (m²) 4
Absorber surface 3,64
Heat carrier fluid Propylene glycol
Volume of heat carrier (L) 11,4
Thickness of solar glass (mm) 4
More Information
Heat carrier pipes material/type Copper
Material of collector case Anodized Aluminium
Material of absorber ALANOD
Coating of absorber Mirotherm / Mirosol
Water tank material Zirconium enameled steel
Water tank casing material Galvanized steel
Heat carrier pipes diameter (mm) 8
Heating element Yes
Electric heating element power (kW) 2
Anode protector Yes
Insulation Solar panel : Rock wool 40mm / Water heater : Polyurethane foam
Stagnation temperature (°C) 200
Maximum Operating pressure (bar) 8,5
Inlet/Outlet (mm) 22
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
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