Thermosiphon system Sunsystem, Model TSSM 150L, Panel 1 x 2,15m²

Harness the energy of the sun for the most economical way of heating domestic water for sanitary purposes- Sunsystem TSSM thermosiphon system.

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thermosiphon system is a cost-effective way to heat water with solar energy. It makes use of the natural thermal convection of liquids to transfer the heat from the solar collectors to the water tank.

The system includes a flat plate collector connected to a water tank with a mantle-type heat exchanger. The circulation of the heat carrier liquid is driven by natural thermal convection. The heat carrier inside the absorber of the collector is heated by the solar energy and moves up along the piping to reach the mantle where it gives away its heat to the water inside the tank. As it cools down, the heat carrier then is returned to the collector to repeat the process. 
Thanks to optimized placing of the connections - in the space between the water tank and the collector - TSSM boasts a smaller footprint at the mounting site.

The water tank also includes an electric heating element, which is used to heat the water when solar energy is insufficient, for example heavy cloud coverage, rainy days or at night.

Product features:

  • Energy-autonomous system free from CO emissions. The circulation of the heat-carrier is driven by natural thermal convection and needs no power supply.  
  • Since no circulation equipment is needed, the TSSM is a highly cost- effective and energy-efficient solution.  
  • All connections are placed between the tank and collector and do not protrude outside the boundaries of the unit. 
  • Certificate EN 12976:2006-04; CEN - Solar Keymark.


1. Water heater TSBM
2.  Aesthetic casing
3. Expansion vessel
4. High efficiency insulation
5. Water mantle
6. Water tank made of low-carbon steel coated with titanium enamel (DIN 4753-3)
7. Anode (DIN 4753-6)
8.  Electric heating element
9. Corrugated stainless steel pipe
10. Support system TSS for flat roof
11. Flat-plate solar collector PK Select TO
12. Heat carrier fluid
13. Safety valve, 1,5 bar

*Safety valve 8 bar is not included in the set. It is highly recommendable to have a temperature and pressure relief valve, 8 bar installed at the designated position.

More Information
Weight (kg) 145.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Water tank volume (L) 150
Dimension Width (mm) 1020
Dimension Height (mm) 2310
Length (mm) 2080
Collector case height (mm) 2125
Collector case width (mm) 1020
Collector case thickness (mm) 90
Water tank length (mm) 1250
Water tank diameter (mm) 520
Collector surface (m²) 2,15
Absorber surface 1,865
Aperture surface (m²) 1,897
Heat carrier fluid Polypropylene glycol (freezing point -34°C)
Volume of heat carrier (L) 17
Mantle volume (L) 6,1
Flow rate of heat carrier (l/m²h) 50
Thickness of solar glass (mm) 4,2
Material of solar glass Heat tempered prismatic glass Durasolar P+
Material of collector case Aluminium (RAL 9006)
Material of absorber Copper
Coating of absorber Selective coating
Water tank material Low-carbon steel coated with titanium enamel
More Information
Water tank casing material Stainless steel
Heating element Yes
Anode protector Yes
Insulation Rock wool 30kg/m³ δ=40mm DIN 181165
Maximum water temperature (°C) 95
Maximum operating temperature of tank (°C) 95
Maximum operating temperature of mantle (°C) 95
Stagnation temperature (°C) 200
Tank test pressure (bar) 13
Tank operating pressure (bar) 8
Mantle operating pressure (bar) 1,5
Mantle test pressure (bar) 3
Heat carrier inlet/outlet 1/2"
Water tank cold water inlet 1/2"
Water tank hot water outlet 1/2"
Heat carrier inlet of mantle 1/2"
Heat carrier outlet of mantle 1/2"
Air vent 1/2"
Safety valve 1/2"
Stainless corrugated pipe diameter (mm) DN 12
Stainless corrugated pipe insulation (mm) DN 13
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 220/50
Certification CE, Solar Keymark
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