Tesy, BiLight, Horizontal, 82L, Wall-hung, Diameter 44 cm

Energy efficient water heater Tesy BiLight series  for domestic purposes in households.


GCH/L 8044 30 B12 TSR

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Tesy's BiLight range of water heaters ensure constant domestic hot water production using small amount of electrical energy. This is achieved by using high quality materials and innovative technologies.

Product characteristics

  • PISTON effect - Tesy BiLight water heaters are equipped with a new type of cold water nozzle. It's unique design reduces the quick mixing of the water inside the tank. Incoming cold water remains on the bottom of the tank and gently pushes the hot water to the top, creating the PISTON effect. This creates up to 15% more hot water.
  • BiLight switch - The BiLight power switch has two operation modes, indicated by changing the colour of the light indicator.
  • Higher energy efficiency, achieved by removing the thermal link between the tank and the mounting console.
  • Enameled coating of the water tank.
  • Easy to use thermostat with precision control of the water temperature as well as heat and electrical surge protection.
  • High efficiency insulation made of extruded polyurethane.
  • Reliable heating element in accordance with the European quality regulations.
  • Freeze protection operation mode.

Operation mode indicationThermostatWall mounting console


More Information
Warranty 5 Years
Weight (kg) 22.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Volume (L) 82
Water tank enameled
Diameter (mm) 440
Height/ Length [mm] 440/854
Electric heating element Yes
Electric heating element power (kW) 3
Required time for heating from 15°C to 60°C 1h 08min
More Information
Heat exchanger coil No heat exchanger
Installation Wall mounted horizontal
Control Mechanical control
Energy efficiency class C
Voltage [V] 230
Nominal pressure (MPa) 0.8
Anode protector Yes
Certification CE
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