Skladova Tehnika Orion, 24kW

Wood burning fireplace insert. Simple model.

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Color : graphite black

  • Body made of 4mm thick sheet steel
  • Combustion chamber lined with firebricks that accumulate heat and increase burning temperature.
  • The combustion chamber is equipped with heat resistant ceramic glass.
  • Cast iron grate.
  • Front damper for controlling the air supply
  • Smoke damper for adjusting the flame intensity
  • Metal door handle.

It is recommended that the stove pipes are the same size as the flue of the model.

Achieving the desired heat output depends on:

  • the selected fuel with the necessary caloricity and humidity
  • its subsequent kindling and refueling
  • the regulation of the primary and the secondary air
  • the regulation of the draught
  • the organizing of effective air heat exchange, etc.
More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 102.0000
Country of Manufacture Bulgaria
Heat output (kW) 24
Maximal thermal output (kW / BTU) 24 / 81891
Heating type Natural Convection
Placement Center
Dimension Depth (mm) 535
Dimension Width (mm) 705
Dimension Height (mm) 825
More Information
Efficiency (%) 74
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 120 / 1291
Combustion chamber dimensions (Height, Width, Depth), mm 520x350x460
CO content of the flue gas 0.258%
Exhaust Location Top side
Fuel Type Wood, Briquettes
Construction material Steel
Certification CE
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