Wood Burning Boilers

A central heating system will keep you comfortable during the winter!

It has been proven that the most economical way to heat your house is with a central heating system that includes a wood burning boiler.

Balkanenergy offers a wide variety of wood burning boilers, but most commonly they can be divided according to the following criteria:

  • Acording to their construction material, wood burning boilers can be divided into cast iron and steel boilers.
  • According to the burning process the wood burning boilers can be wood gasification boilers.
  • Apart from wood burning boilers, there are central heating boilers that work on other types of fuel, such as biomass boilers and pellet boilers.
  • According to how the burning process is controlled, wood burning boilers are divided into two types: boilers with natural draft and boilers with fan-assisted combustion (wood burning boilers with a control unit and a blower that forces air into the combustion chamber).

In order to be easier to choose the correct wood burning boiler, we’ll introduce you to some of the wood burning boiler ranges and their advantages.

Wood burning boiler BURNiT WBS  

Bulgarian steel wood burning boiler made with the highest quality standards. This brand of steel wood burning boilers is one of the most established on the Balkans but is also well known in Germany. This wood burning boiler is offered with heat outputs ranging from 20 to 250kW , and the  ACTIVE version has a combustion air blower and a control unit in order to make the burning process more efficient. All boilers from the WBS range have the option for pellet burner installation.

Wood burning boiler MAT

Possibly one of the most solid wood and coal burning boilers offered by Balkanenergy. Steel boiler with a very good price, distinctive with its high efficiency thanks to the three pass flue gas flow design. The range of boilers also have turbulators that guarantee complete transfer of the flue gases heat before they leave the boiler and in some cases a pyrolysis effect is produced. These boilers are produced from 5mm thick sheet steel and they have very good insulation that reduces heat loss. The boilers are offered in a version with a blower and control unit that further increase the burning process efficiency. Wood burning boilers MAT are available in a range of models from 25 to 110kW, and all of the models have the option for pellet burner installation.

Wood burning boiler ATMOS

Czech steel wood burning boilers famous everywhere and one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe. Comparing with other boilers of the same class the price is a bit higher but the quality is impeccable.

Wood burning boiler PRITY

Wood burning boilers Prity are in the lowest price class. These models have good quality and design and are offered in version from 18 to 40kW. Recommended fuel for a Prity boiler is wood and wood briquettes.

Wood burning boiler Centrometal

The Croatian steel wood burning boiler Centrometal EKO is made in accordance to the European standards EN 304 and EN303-5. Safe and reliable wood burning boiler suitable for installing a pellet burner. A unique characteristic for the brand is that the models are also available in variant with built-in stainless steel hot water cylinder.

Wood burning boiler Caltherm

Caltherm S is a Turkish steel wood burning boiler made by Caldera Heating Group. Boiler with three pass flue gas flow and flue exit on the top side which makes it very easy to install. Offered with heat output from 25 to 45kW.

Wood burning cast iron boilers.

Cast iron boilers are characterized by high corrosion resistance and they have longer operation life compared to steel boilers. Each cast iron boiler is comprised of cast iron sections and their number defines the heat output of the boiler. Cast iron boilers are the preferred choice in low temperature central heating systems. The most commonly used fuel for cast iron boilers is wood and less often coal and pellets. Even though it has a longer operational life, the cast iron boiler is more vulnerable to temperature shocks which makes its installation more specialized and is related to using more control and safety devices.

Balkanenergy offers Turkish cast iron boilers from the brands Karpat and DemirDokum with models ranging from 23kW up to 70kW, all of them having very competitive prices. All cast iron boilers are equipped with thermostatic draft regulators and are packed in a wooden case.

Balkanenergy is a distributor of Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish and Croatian wood burning boilers established in the Balkans and in Europe. All wood burning boilers comply with the mandatory requirements of the European Union and are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. All wood burning boilers are accompanied by a manual for installation and operation and the end user should familiarize himself with the manual and adhere to that manual.
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  1. MAT BW-C31, 31kW
    SKU: 0000007819
    €992.00 €826.67
  2. MAT BW Classic 110, 110kW
    SKU: 0000007330
    €2,425.29 €2,021.07
  3. MAT BW Classic 95, 95kW
    SKU: 0000007329
    €1,811.74 €1,509.78
  4. MAT BW Classic 75, 75kW
    SKU: 0000007328
    €1,675.00 €1,395.83
  5. MAT BW Classic 55, 55kW
    SKU: 0000007327
    €1,477.21 €1,231.01
  6. MAT BW Classic 45, 45kW
    SKU: 0000007326
    €1,308.00 €1,090.00
  7. MAT BW Classic 35, 35kW
    SKU: 0000007325
    €1,147.63 €956.36
  8. MAT BW Classic 25, 25kW
    SKU: 0000007324
    €1,099.44 €916.20
  9. Centrometal CentroPlus-B 35, 35kW
    SKU: 0000007322
    €3,378.00 €2,815.00
  10. Centrometal CentroPlus-B 25, 25kW
    SKU: 0000007321
    €3,044.00 €2,536.67
  11. Centrometal CentroPlus 50, 50kW
    SKU: 0000007320
    €3,657.00 €3,047.50
  12. Centrometal CentroPlus 35, 35kW
    SKU: 0000007319
    €2,849.00 €2,374.17
  13. Centrometal CentroPlus 25, 25kW
    SKU: 0000007318
    €2,653.00 €2,210.83
  14. Centrometal EKO-CKB P 40, 40kW
    SKU: 0000007317
    €2,263.00 €1,885.83
  15. Centrometal EKO-CKB P 35, 35kW
    SKU: 0000007316
    €2,151.00 €1,792.50
  16. Centrometal EKO-CKB P 30, 30kW
    SKU: 0000007314
    €2,068.00 €1,723.33
  17. Centrometal EKO-CKB P 25, 25kW
    SKU: 0000007310
    €1,928.00 €1,606.67
  18. Centrometal EKO-CKB P 20, 20kW
    SKU: 0000007308
    €1,817.00 €1,514.17
  19. Prity GA 33 New Line P, 33+3kW
    SKU: 0000007275
    €997.55 €831.29
  20. Centrometal EKO-CK P 110, 110kW
    SKU: 0000007253
    €2,765.00 €2,304.17
  21. Centrometal EKO-CK P 90, 90kW
    SKU: 0000007232
    €2,486.00 €2,071.67
  22. Centrometal EKO-CK P 70, 70kW
    SKU: 0000007222
    €2,319.00 €1,932.50
  23. Centrometal EKO-CK P 40, 40kW
    SKU: 0000007217
    €1,734.00 €1,445.00
  24. Centrometal EKO-CK P 35, 35kW
    SKU: 0000007213
    €1,622.00 €1,351.67
  25. Centrometal EKO-CK P 30, 30kW
    SKU: 0000007205
    €1,482.00 €1,235.00
  26. Centrometal EKO-CK P 25, 25kW
    SKU: 0000007204
    €1,426.00 €1,188.33
  27. Centrometal EKO-CK P 20, 20kW
    SKU: 0000007186
    €1,343.00 €1,119.17
  28. MAT BW-C41, 43kW
    SKU: 0000006586
    €1,095.00 €912.50
  29. Prity LB 50 New Line, 50kW
    SKU: 0000004595
    €1,955.15 €1,629.29
  30. Prity LB New Line, 40+4kW
    SKU: 0000004594
    €1,412.96 €1,177.47
  31. Prity SLB New Line, 33+2kW
    SKU: 0000004593
    €1,131.49 €942.91
  32. Prity GA 33 New Line, 33+2kW
    SKU: 0000004592
    €953.98 €794.98
  33. Prity GA 26 New Line, 26+2kW
    SKU: 0000004591
    €874.95 €729.12
  34. Prity MA 18 New Line, 18+1kW
    SKU: 0000004590
    €780.11 €650.09
  35. Atmos DC 100, 99kW
    SKU: 0000002678
    €8,447.00 €7,039.17
  36. BURNiT WBS Magna 160, 160kW
    SKU: 0000001405
    €3,663.00 €3,052.50
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