Gear motor Kenta K9117250, 8.5RPM

Kenta gear motor for pellet stoves
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The wide range of K911 gearmotors offers polechanging AC motors and permanent magnet DC motors. Designed for low speed and high torque applications. The connection between motor and reduction gear is achieved through a helical toothing gear on the motor shaft, which is kept in position through double spherical self-aligning bushings or ball bearings that guarantee movement precision and silent operation. The innovative project, the production systems and the production line tests enable us to obtain reliable and highly performing products.

Kenta K9117250 geared motor is suited to be used as rotor in pellet stoves, vending machines, coffee machine units, vacuum fillers, professional spit roasters, ice-cream machines, revolving stands, pellet burners, pellet stoves, labelers, industrial actuators.

Construction features

The reduction gear case is made of Zn + Al + Mg alloy pressure die-casting and provided with assembly fasteners. The kinematical gear chain consist s of: hel ica l toothing motor shaft, special plastic fast gears and sintered steel slow gears. This system guarante e s gh reliability so that the K911 gearmotors can be used both in cold and warm environments (ex. refrigerators or ovens). The reduction gear case is provided with 2 through fastening holes and 5 threaded fastening holes with max. 4 mm thread depth. The K911 AC gearmotors use a wide range of single-phase asynchronous two poles motors with shading coils and pre-set direction of rotation. The motor width and height are established (61 x 61 mm) while the thickness is available in 5 sizes: 12 - 16 - 20 - 30 - 40 mm. The coil windings are produced by an automatic plant, which is provided with a wirestabilized tensioning control device. The 6,3 x 0,8 Faston connectors are used for the electric connections and are applied by means of the innovative insulator perforation weld-less system (Amtronics system, UL approved) to prevent bad contacts. Available voltage and frequency: 24 to 240 V, 50 and 60 Hz.

911 series, 17Nm output torque, 47Watt consumption, 8.5rpm speed, clockwise rotation, 8.5mm shaft diameter, 40mm magnetic core, 220 V AC 50/60 Hz power supply.

More Information
MPN 14702058
Weight (kg) 1.0000
Country of Manufacture
Rotation speed (rpm) 8.5
Power consumption (W) 47
Magnetic core (mm) 40
More Information
Shaft diameter (mm) 8.5
Shaft milling single
Rotation clockwise
Output torque (Nm) 17
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 220/ 50-60
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