IMT Thermal safety relief valve

TÜV certified recooling valve with remote sensor.

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Recooling Thermostatic Valve is designed to protect solid fuel boilers from overheating. It dissipates heat from a boiler recooling heat exchanger by opening its cold water inlet which protects boiler from overheating. Other application is for flooding a pellet feeder with water before pellets ignite in the storage bin. The valve is fitted with 2 temperature sensors. Should one fail, the other shall ensure proper operation of the valve.


The valve shall be installed as close to a boiler as possible, and its sensor shall be placed at the hottest spot. The valve shall be installed at a fuel feeder, and the sensor shall be placed inside the fuel feeder. The valve may be installed in any position. Prior to installation, the system shall be free of dirt that could jam the valve seat and cause a failure. The flow direction is indicated by the arrow on the valve body. The inlet water pressure to valve shall follow the recommendation of the boiler manufacturer.


Check once a year that the valve works properly. This function check is performed manually, namely by pressing the red push button that opens flow through the valve. The nut holding the red push button shall be neither tightened nor loosened! Check and clean the strainer at the cooling water inlet at least once a year.

The valve is tested according to DIN EN 14597-2 to prevent temperature excess in solid-fuel-fired boilers or in boilers for separate fuels in closed heating systems according to DIN EN 12828.

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Weight (kg) 0.1000
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Operating pressure (bar) Max 10
Temperature range 95°C
More Information
Connection pipe G 3/4”
Threaded connection Protection sleeve: G 1/2"
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