Bidirectional radio control Tiemme, 2WAYS2


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Tiemme 2WAYS2 bidirectional radio control
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Product Description

TIEMME 2WAYS2 wireless bidirectional radio control, touch button, 15 mt transmission and reception covering distance, stilo AA battery supply.

Wall hook system with magnets, it has the following functionalities:

  • Visualization of the Operating status display
  • Room Temperature Reading
  • Programmable Room Thermostat
  • Chrono Programming
  • Self Learning Radio Code
  • Easy to hang up and unhook

Fits on the following stoves:

CLAM ref. 05010026 Mod. Niagara - valid until the serial number: 1200-0200-08

CLAM ref. 05013100 Mod. Retrò - Vintage - Niagara valid from serial no.: 1200-0201-08 forward

CLAM ref. 05013101 Mod. Molina

CLAM ref. 05012150 Mod. MolinaEVO - Suez Idro Air Power - Tivoli 8/20 kW - Tivoli 11/26 kW - Tivoli 14/34 kW

CLAM ref. 05011713 Mod. Termofavilla TP 18/30

CLAM ref. 05021240 Mod. Orizzonte 120HD - Orizzonte 100HD - Orizzonte 85HD

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