Pellet hopper Sunsystem, Model FH 500, Volume 500L


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Pellet hopper Sunsystem FH 500 with large volume and compact design.

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Product Description

The fuel hopper Sunsystem FH 500 is constructed of sheet metal for durability and reducing the risk of fires. The large volume allows for up to a week (depending on the output of the boiler and burner) of heating without the need of refilling it. No need for adjusting the angle of the pellet feeder- the design allows it to be mounted only under the correct angle. The colour scheme is an exact match of SUNSYSTEM BURNiT boilers and pellet burners so it can be perfectly combined with them.

Pellet hopper FH 500

1. Pellet-loading hatch
2. Side panels
3. Auger mounting side-panel opening
4. Auger holder
5. Pellet-guide plates
6. Drainage holes
7. Leveling feet
8. Dust container cover
9. Dust container
10. Pellet-collecting bottom
11. Foundation
12. Guide plate gasket

Additional Information

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123 x 33 x 84

Fuel hopper volume (L)

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