Pellet stove and flue pipe cleaning set Pulipellet Light


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Makes the tedious job of cleaning your pellet stove and its flue pipes fast and easy. The set contains 2m long flexible fiberglass rod with Ø80mm plastic brush for cleaning flue pipes and a metal brush with scraper for the combustion chamber.

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Product Description

Simple kit that can save you a lot of time when cleaning your pellet stove, pellet boiler or their flue pipes. The ergonomic handle, the extremely restistant flexible fiberglass rod and the durable plastic brush mean long life and easy cleaning. Also included is a metal brush with scraper for the combustion chamber and potter.


  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • 2m long flexible fiberglass rod Ø0,8mm
  • 1 nylon brush Ø80mm
  • 2-in-1 metal brush with scraper


Cleaning and maintenance of pellet stoves, also cleaning of chimney (flue) pipes, rain pipes, and cleaning and maintenance of pipelines.


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