Mainboard Micronova, PJ014_B05

Control board PJ014 MICRONOVA for channelled air wood inserts
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J014 Micronova control board is suitable for wood inserts and channelled air termochimneys, made up of a power board and a 7 segments LED display board with 6 digits through which it's possible to see different functions: stove on, stove off or standby, temperature in Celsius or Farenheit degrees setted, possible alerts and functionality tests.

It's possible switching on/off the control board through the 4 buttons of the card, selecting the functioning type (automatic or manual). The manual way allows to increase or decrease the speed of the air fan, these functions can be activated by the IR remote control code 14710030 (optional).

Control board can be controlled by the IR remote control.

Of very small dimension LxPxH 121x74x40 mm- appropriate for being boxed on the wall in 3 modules box, supplied with external plastic frame.

With 2 analogue inputs, such as 1 kohm NTC probe, a TRIAC out put and a relé output 5A 5C.

For stoves CLAM Cod. 05021337 Mod. Calorvision ECO 62 - Calorvision ECO 69 - Calorvision ECO 72 - Calorvision ECO 76 - Calorvision ECO 73 S.D. DX e SX - TOTEM ECO 62

It can fit on CLAM stoves models FAVILLA and PIVOT SERIE 3 - COMFORT in place of controller Model 001, reference 05020052


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