Мainboard TIemme, SY100_ARIA

SY100 control board for air pellet stoves
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The easy and reliable operation software, furnished of advanced function, allows the SY100 thermo-controller card (universal) to be installed on almost all the sold AIR pellet stoves. It also has advanced functions that are assigned to the technician who can put the operating parameters by the keyboard/display or by a computer with RS232 interface connection.

The display keyboard provides two menus and programming types:

  • user menu to modify parameters of:

         -  starting and switching off, operating power adjustment, operating temperature adjustment, manual pellet loading, pellet loading regulation, improvement of combustion ventilation, programming of the room temperature controller.

  • technician menu to operate the adjusting advanced parameters of:

         - endless screw, ventilation, combustion, thermostats, timers, output enabling, operating check-up, starting, modulation, etc.

It supports the following TiEmme Elettronica keyboards: CP100 - CP110 - CP120 - K100 - LCD100 - LCD200 - EasyTouch 4.
Equipped with remote control receptacle board, which regulates switching on/off and combustion power.

For stoves CLAM Aria Cod. 05011151 Mod. Sirio - Sirio+ - Astra - Astra+ - Venere - Venere+ - Vega - Vega+

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