Mainboard Tiemme, PARI3A2001800

Controller Tiemme FC810 for canalizable AIR wood inserts
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The TIEMME FC 810 controller for wood inserts manages completely and effectively the heating system.

Reads and shows on the display the air temperature of the exchangers and it regulates the ventilation with three modalities:

MANUAL - The fan works independently to the temperature read by the probe.

AUTOMATIC - The fan starts working when the temperature is over the chosen value SET

PROPORTIONAL - The speed of the fan increases/decreases automatically according to the temperature read by the probe in the chosen range temperature.

To optimise the ventilation, through the control board, it is possible to set the following functioning parameters:

SET - Minimum temperature activation fan.

TAL - Temperature threshold for activation acoustic signal.

TSI - Temperature threshold for activation security function for exceeding heat extinguishing.

SIC - Flag for activation / deactivation security function.

VVE - Regulation parameter of the fan minimum speed.

DEL - Temperature range for the proportional regulation of the fan speed.


STAND BY - Controller extinguishing with automatic new ignition in case of security

SILENCE - Deactivation temporised acoustic alarm

It fits on CLAM, models: Calorvision ECO 62 - Calorvision ECO 69 - Calorvision ECO 72 - Calorvision ECO 76 - Calorvision ECO 73 S.D. DX and SX marketed after 2014 as alternative to the code 14710029, reference 05021337.

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