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Control board Tiemme MB250 IDRO for pellet stoves
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Tiemme MB250 IDRO (SY250) thermoregulation system is able to manage heating machines at solid polycombustible, such as Stoves, Burners, Boilers, Fireplaces, that use biomass in the different types available: Pellet, Corn, Wood Chips, Chopped  Fuel in general and Wood.

Acquires the data from Temperature Probes and Transducer; following consolidated algorithms of elaboration, it controls all the actuating devices.

The display keyboard provides two menus and programming types:

  • user menu to modify parameters of:

         - starting and switching off, operating power adjustment, operating temperature adjustment, manual pellet loading, pellet loading regulation, improvement of combustion ventilation, programming of the room temperature controller.

  • technician menu to operate the adjusting advanced parameters of:

         - endless screw, ventilation, combustion, thermostats, timers, output enabling, operating check-up, starting, modulation, pressure switch configuration etc.

Available with all Tiemme elettronica Control Panel

With the RS485, the controller MB250 can communicate with multiple products simultaneously.

For stoves:

CLAM ref. 05013050 mod. Suez Idro Air Power

CLAM ref. 05013051 mod. Tivoli 8/20 kW

CLAM ref. 05013052 mod. Tivoli 11/26 kW

CLAM ref. 05013053 mod. Tivoli 14/34 kW

CLAM ref. 05012151 mod. MolinaEVO

CLAM ref. 05011711 mod. Termofavilla TP 30 - Termofavilla TP 18 - Emerald Idro Air Power 20-26 kW

CLAM ref. 05011714 mod. VittoriaEVO 20 kW

CLAM ref. 05013056 mod. VittoriaEVO 26 kW

CLAM ref. 05013057 mod. VittoriaEVO 34 kW - Vittoria S.34 kW

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