Membrane pressure relief valve, Adjustable

An indispensable part of every system working under high pressure.

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 To ensure the safe operation of every closed heating system, it is necessary to install a safety valve. This particular model releases some of the liquid after a pre-set pressure is reached. The pressure can be adjused by a handle. Several models are with different sizes are available

- Connection size 1 1/4" up to 2"

- Pressure adjustment range 0.5bar up to 16bar

The pressure relief valve with conveyed discharge is a self-regulating valve capable of maintaining the pressure of the system (P) constant within a specified range, using the energy of the fluid, conveyed and discharged, and regulating the position of the obturator. Force is applied directly to the obturator by a spring (direct action). Once the reference point for pressure P is established, the pressure relief valve automatically adjusts itself by either increasing or decreasing the flow section, and thus the discharge capacity, in order to keep the system’s pressure constant. In case the system’s pressure drops below the reference pressure P, the pressure relief valve will close automatically. The discharge side of the body can be conveyed and therefore it is perfect for use only with fluids, gas and steam (Group I - if compatible). This valve satisfies the essential safety requirements stipulated in the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC.

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Model Membrane pressure relief valve
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