Evacuated tube collectors Sunsystem, Model VTC 30


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Heat Pipe technology, excellent insulation performance and maximum capture of solar radiation makes the Sunsystem evacuated tube collectors cost-effective solution for any solar installation.

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Product Description

Evacuated tube collectors for domestic water heating

Using Heat Pipe technology, combined with the excellent insulation performance of vacuum and maximum capture of solar radiation makes evacuated tube collectors cost-effective solution for any solar installation.

Product features

  • Aesthetic design. High efficiency. Non-corrodible and sustainable materials. Long service life.  
  • Evacuated tubes of heat-tempered borosilicate glass.
  • Selective coating for efficient sunlight absorption.
  • Heat transfer plates resistant to high temperatures of stagnation.
  • Copper heat-carrier tubes type Heat PipeTU 1. The pipe system is manufactured with a minimum number of welds for perfect air-tightness and reduced possibility for deposit accumulation. 
  • Both outlets of the manifold pipe can be connected as heat-carrier input or output in any direction.
  • Temperature sensor can be mounted left or right, depending on the position of the heat-carrier outlet.
  • High-efficiency insulation of collector pipe.
  • Mounting options for flat roof, sloped roof or facade. Easy for transportation, installation and maintenance.  Evacuated tube collectors continue to perform even in case of one or more broken tubes. Possibility to connect multiple SUNSYSTEM VTC collectors in an array.
  • Resistance to wind, hail, snow and dust.
VTC Heat pipes
Dry evacuated tube solar collectors made using Heat Pipe technology are characterized by their high efficiency: improved heat-absorbing capacity of collector, low heat loss and stable performance in harsh climate conditions. Temperature sensor can be mounted left or right, depending on the position of the heat-carrier outlet.

The Heat Pipe itself is a compound of two concentric glass tubes with evacuated space between them. The inner tube surface is covered with selective coating, allowing for maximum absorption of sunlight and high efficiency. Through the center of the heat pipe runs a hollow copper tube, inside which begins the process of evaporation of non-toxic fluid that transfers the heat to the tube top and then releases it to the collector pipe to heat up the heat-carrier inside. Then the process repeats over and over again.

Additional Information

Weight (kg)

Country of Manufacture

Product Brand

Dimension Width (mm)

Dimension Height (mm)

Collector surface (m²)

Absorber surface

Aperture surface (m²)

Heat carrier fluid
Propylene Glycol 50% (Freezing point -34°C)

Volume of heat carrier (L)

Flow rate of heat carrier (l/m²h)
60 - 80

Number of evacuated tubes (pcs)

Evacuated tube material
Heat-tempered borosilicate glass SU-SS-ALN/AIN

Heat carrier pipes material/type
Copper / Heat pipe TU 1

Coating of absorber
Selective coating

Plastic parts material
UV resistant plastic RAL 9005

Collector frame material/type
Aluminium / Adjustable

Manifold unit - box material/insulation
Anodized aluminium / Polyurethane foam 30mm

Heat carrier pipes diameter (mm)

Efficiency η0 in relation to aperture (%)

Thermal loss coefficient - K1 (W/m²K)

Thermal loss coefficient - K2 (W/m²K)

Maximum operating temperature (°C)

Stagnation temperature (°C)

Test pressure (MPa)

Maximum Operating pressure (bar)

Collecting pipes material

Collecting pipes diameter (mm)

Inlet/Outlet (mm)

Evacuated tube diameter (mm)

Evacuated tube length (mm)

Distance between evacuated tubes (mm)

Temperature sensor sleeve (mm)

Evacuated tube holder (pcs)

Number of sleeves (pcs)

Max. number of collectors in one array (pcs/m²)
6 / 28,2

Recommended orientation/mounting angle
Facing the equator / 10° - 90°

Resistance to hail/ snow mass/ wind
Size up to 25mm / Load up to 1,25kN/m² / Speed up to 150km/h

DIN EN 12975: 2006-06 / No 011-7S1807-R

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