Controller TECH, ST-81


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Mounted in central heating boilers BURNIT ACTIVE series.

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Product Description

ST–81 temperature regulator is intended for charging CH boilers. It controls the water circulation pump, hot usable water pump and the fan. Four optional modes of the pumps' operation: house heating, boiler priority, parallel pumps, summer mode. The controller's casing is adjusted to be assembled in the boiler's installation.

Functions performed by the controller:

  • - control of the fan, CH pump and HCW pump
  • - the possibility of connecting room regulator

Equipment of controller:

  • - LCD display
  • - CH temperature sensor and HCW sensor
  • - has temperature protection (thermal overload relay)
  • - panel casing for installation of the boiler, made of high quality materials resistant to high and low temperatures
  • - the possibility of installation on the boiler in OM-01 casing

Additional Information

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Power consumption (W)

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Min - max ambient T [°C]

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