Thermostatic mixing valve Honeywell TM200

Thermostatic mixing valve with scald protection
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Thermostatic mixing valves of this type provide control of the water temperature and are used:

  • For centralised control on hot water supply units or for localised control adjacent to point-use outlets
  • In heating systems with underfloor heating or for limiting boiler return temperatures Where a system includes a hot water circulation circuit, a KB 191 return flow retarder unit (see accessories) must be fitted to prevent cold water backfeeding and cooling the mixed water at the outlets. Special Features
  • Highly sensitive thermal element with good all-round watertemperature sensing, even at low flow rates
  • Simple setting of the required water temperature
  • Scald protection - the hot water inlet is automatically cut off if the cold supply fails provided that the hot water inlet temperature is at least 10 K higher than that of mixed water setting
  • The cold water inlet is automatically cut off if the hot supply fails • Meets KTW recommendations for potable water • Inner components are of scale-resistant materials

The thermostatic mixing valve comprises:

  • Housing
  • Threaded or soldered union connectors
  • Adjuster knob
  • Protective cap for locking the set mixed temperature
  • Thermostat


  • Dezincification resistant brass housing
  • Brass threaded connections
  • Moving parts of high-quality, scale-resistant synthetic material
  • Transparent plastics protective cap
  • Plastics adjuster knob
  • NBR seals
  • Stainless steel spring
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